About Us

MarketPlaceAFRICA.com is an E-commerce platform created for African designers and entrepreneurs to tell their stories and sell their products directly to consumers everywhere, with no start-up costs. Our team manages the technology behind the scenes, so business owners can stay focused on what they love to do most while expanding to international markets. Through our partnership with DHL, the leading global logistics experts in Africa, we are uniquely positioned to help small businesses navigate international shipping regulations and meet the delivery time expectations of global customers.

MarketPlaceAFRICA.com was created to take the complexity and uncertainty out of buying direct from craftspeople and small enterprises. With the patented technology of an award-winning global e-commerce retailer, our platform allows online consumers the most direct connection to shop from African small businesses, select from familiar payment methods, and have the products shipped to their home with confidence that their payment is secure.

We are a global team, based in Africa, the United States and Europe, focused on fostering the success of small African enterprises by bringing their work and creative genius to all corners of the world.

If you carry a passion for anything African Made, join us to celebrate and share the traditions you love and exciting new trends. If the richness and quality of products from Africa are new to you, welcome! We invite to you to explore the diversity and the stunning beauty of all that African entrepreneurs have to offer the world.