Frequently Asked Questions - Customers

Why should I shop on makes it possible for consumers around the world to find high quality, authentically African products made by entrepreneurs and craftspeople. When you shop and make a purchase on, you are engaging directly with a small or medium size business. These are the enterprises that are building the economies of African countries. offers secure and seamless financial transactions between merchants and customers across national boundaries and continents. Our technical expertise draws on the years of experience of Mall for Africa, a leading e-commerce service in 12 African countries, and our delivery solutions are provided by the global network and logistics expertise of DHL.

How am I supporting African entrepreneurs by shopping on was created to remove the barriers to buying directly from craftspeople and small enterprises throughout Africa. The businesses featured on the site are innovative designers and craftspeople creating stunning, world class products using traditional skills and cutting edge techniques. But even for these African entrepreneurs finding and connecting to new customers can be daunting and expensive. There are, unfortunately, many examples of merchants never receiving payment from international transactions due to the complexity of exchange rates and incompatible payment methods. By purchasing through, you can be confident that the merchant is paid the price that she set for her product, securely and within approximately a week after you receive the item.

Is assistance available if I have a question about a product?

Yes, MarketPlace AFRICA has a customer service team at 1-503-564-4139 that is available Monday through Saturday. You can see our hours according to location here:

You can write to us anytime at

Can I shop for product by country?

Yes. Each vendor identifies the country where they are located and you can search for product by country on the site. Since our offices are in Lagos, Nigeria, the majority of businesses on the site are currently located in Nigeria. Over the next two years, we will add merchants from most Sub Saharan African countries.

How much of the price that I pay for a product goes to the African merchant?

The price a customer pays for a product consists of the price the merchant indicates they want to receive for the item, plus a 10% service fee that supports the technical support, operations and promotions work of MarketPlace Africa. The customer also pays the shipping cost, allowing the largest portion of the retail price to go to the African merchant.

What are the criteria for a business in Africa to be featured on

To participate on, merchants must meet these criteria:

  • The product on must be made in Africa

  • Product must be of consistently high quality

  • Both product and how the business operates must meet the African Made Products Standards (details about AMPS are here)

  • Merchants must be 18 years or older to register on

What is your exchange and return policy?

If you receive the wrong product, or the item does not function, we accept returns up to 7 days from the date the product was delivered and will provide a replacement or a full refund of the price paid for the product. Merchants are responsible for providing replacements or refunds.

Slight variations in color and pattern are characteristics of the handmade production processes, and are not cause for returns or refunds. Please note that we are not able to refund shipping costs or pay to ship replacement items.