Innovation often springs from the desire to do something new

Innovation often springs from the desire to do something new, but for Uju Abdulkadir it was her passion to preserve the cultural heritage, style and techniques of African prints and textiles that motivated her to develop an innovative approach to clothing design and production. Through the years, as she observed more and more people choosing to wear western comfort clothes instead of African clothing, Uju grew concerned about the longevity of African textile businesses and how Africa would continue to be represented through fashion globally.


Uju knew it would be a challenge to introduce the diversity of many African styles to the rest of the world, so she developed a creative way to marry the ease and comfort of western attire with the beauty and boldness of African fashion. 


Afrikoncept, the company she founded, is a continuously evolving clothing design firm and manufacturer that integrates Ankara, tie dye and other African fashion elements into the styles and cut of Western everyday comfort attire. The line offers colorful casual tops, t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women. Afrikoncept appeals to fashion lovers across the globe who appreciate comfort and style that stands out from the crowd.


Every piece created by Afrikoncept represents a memory from Uju’s childhood and the beauty of life in Africa. She feels fortunate to recall that most of her life she has been surrounded by nature. Like a flower, each piece is unique and not exactly the same as any other. Every color in her line represents a piece of Uju, her memories, and her life in Africa.


With the help of Marketplace Africa, Afrikoncept is selling globally. As a successful business woman and effective coach, Uju is often sought out by other entrepreneurs who ask for her advice and consultation to set up brands with a global presence. Today, Afrikoncept is advancing Uju’s goal for Africa to maintain a strong and growing influence in the global fashion industry.