Mwali Body Mask

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Product Detail:

This body mask is intended to give you a glow before your big day. All brides need that extra glow, right?

It can also be used by grooms.

Though this mask is loved by brides and a few grooms, we have clients who use it on the regular to feel vibrant all day every day.

Our MWALI body mask is superb for making your skin glow, smooth and flawless

It has Turmeric which cleanses, disinfects and glosses.

It also has sandalwood which is antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory.

The mask also has other ingredients for exfoliation, moisturize, removal of dead skin cells, toxins

Our MWALI body mask is mainly for deep cleansing, moisturizing and healing.

It also contains essential oils.


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