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Barbara Kiama is a passionate, ambitious and resilient Kenyan Fashion Designer and Fashion Lecturer.  She has ten years’ experience in the Fashion Industry as founder and director of Barbara Accessories, a brand that promotes Simple and Sophisticated designer pieces Made In Kenya.

The brand's objective is to create functional pieces that will be consumed on a daily basis. Designs you can wear to work on a Monday, attend a cocktail party on Thursday, run your errands in on a Saturday and wear to church on Sunday. The brand specializes in Contemporary African Fashion and is known for its sophisticated wrap tops and wrap dresses, hobo bags, floppy hats and contemporary handmade jewellery pieces.

Barbara’s long term goal as a fashion designer is to influence the Zeitgeist of what the world considers Beautiful in today’s society. Barbara Accessories is the only fashion brand in East Africa that supports people with Albinism through Fashion to help create awareness. Over the past five years, the brand has worked with different Albinism organizations through Fashion to emphasize that people with Albinism are as normal as everyone else.

In addition to supporting people with Albinism, the brand works with dark skinned and curvy models. The two stereotypes...


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