Blingshiki is a clothing line that is all about unconventional fashion, that's hippie & futuristic, yet inspired from African heritage. We promote our very own Afro pop culture, proudly made in Nigeria.

Many people worldwide, of all nationalities, have rocked Danshikis, and they’re still being rocked today. It just goes to show how pervasive Afro pop culture is. Blingshiki takes Danshiki a step into the future, by substituting rhinestones for traditional embroidery in fabric adornment.

Tolulope Adebukola, the woman behind the brand, studied biochemistry at the University of Lagos, but decided to take the path of business and entrepreneurship, instead. She says, “True dreams are penned down. Imaginations ply the bridge of one’s mind toll-free. But to breathe life into such creative imagination becomes the puzzle.”

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  7. Yasuke Kimono
  8. Yasuki Wrap Around
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