Lagos, Nigeria

Thirty Five years ago, Chinwe Ezenwa, started a company she named lelook Born out of the need to help the needy, especially those disabled, it was born out of compassion for those disabled close to her, because she saw that even though someone cannot hear and speak, that person can see and can still use his or her creative mind,

Le Look has evolved from a salon into a style house. A Famous for its eclectic African print handbags, Le Look is a brand that celebrates and honors African tradition through a lens that is distinctive, modern and qualitative. Every handmade bag is a work of art. Each print tells a story, a struggle, and a personal journey. Chinwe is very passionate about informing the world of the stories and beauty of Nigeria and she does just that with her collection of exquisite handmade handbags, worn on the arms of women all over the world, as she put Africa's Great creative energy to use!

"I always insist on putting a made in Nigeria label on my Products, because that is how it is done in China." They are beautiful because they are a work of art. Although Lelook has grown as a brand, using state of the Art Machines, with the capacity to make tens of thousands of bags, we have not lost sight of the purpose from which we started. We remain passionate about giving back to our community because we believe the world we live in should be a safe and joyful place for all of us.

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