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Milaseto Dye Art was started over a year ago by Lara Ojowa and with her love for batik, learning the process felt like a natural progression. She attended classes at a Women’s Empowerment Initiative for 10 weeks to get trained in tie dye and batik.

One of Milaseto’s main ethos is women empowerment as a result, the human capital comprise of a group of dedicated women and men who are able to provide for their families with their income.

The focus of Milaseto is to push itself to keep learning new techniques of handling fabrics to create beautiful patterns. To encourage and achieve this, freshness and newness, Milaseto continues to train and retrain its workers. 

Milaseto Dye Art work with fabrics such as chiffon, silk, viscose, polished cotton, Voile, linen etc to produce exquisite Adire and Batik some of which are then made into bags, scarves and other  fashion accessories. The decision to go into clothing was born out of the desire to show the versatility of Milaseto fabrics, with a leaning towards the conservative woman.

Lara Ojowa sees Milaseto taking Adire and Batik to new heights in the next few years as customers taste reflect the demand for high quality, well finished, locally designed and produced Adire and Batik fabrics.


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