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POSH BY ÀSÀBÍ™ is a brand absolutely dedicated to God!


We are all about and just about Fabulous African Inspired Ready-To-Wear Apparels.  If you love African Inspired Apparels, you just found the right page!


POSH BY ÀSÀBÍ (PBA) as founded by Abisola ÀSÀBÍ, is born out of her passion for classy and unique African Inspired Apparels.

Just like the name “ÀSÀBÍ” is given to a child of select/special birth, so is our designs, they are rare and quite SELECT we are intentional about them all.

POSH BY ÀSÀBÍ (legal name) also known as #PBAOriginal (brand name) stands for the posh and classy urban 'girl', a woman who loves looking young and beautiful in whatever she wears, a woman who is not scared of being a trendsetter nor bothered when people stare at her and drool over her exquisite appearance! One who is never tired of hearing compliments! In simple terms, the PBA brand is made exclusively for the fashion forward and bold - the woman who is not afraid to stand out and break outside the norm!

Our team in Nigeria works hard to bring you brand new and creative exquisite designs always. Each of our designs in certain prints will always be limited as we always will cut through the noise, because we believe masterpieces should not be...


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