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Shop Nanjala is an online platform for Brand Design, Gardening and Gifting. 

We create and collaborate with other like minded creatives and artisans to deliver one stop solutions for design, customized gift items and eye catching garden decor. All of Shop Nanjala’s work is locally sourced and made in Kenya.

 A common challenge for many artisans in Africa is getting access to markets and gaining the right kind of exposure for their work. The Nanjala Company in Kenya is an enterprise looking to provide a solution to talented, modern day artisans and designers.

It all started as an epiphany of "giving back" a little something to the world, that happened when Teresa, the Founder,  got her little girl Maya in 2014. With over a decade of experience, Teresa felt it was the right time to harness all the experience she had gained in the creative industry and build a legacy that would inspire others. Nanjala Blooms, which is the flagship sub-brand of Shop Nanjala; that sells succulents, was initially conceived from an innate love for nature and succulents in particular. Slowly she was collecting them, giving them as gifts to family and friends and eventually got people requesting to buy them from social media.

An interesting hybrid philosophy emerged in her work where Teresa started to use nature to influence her design process. The love and hunger for muted...


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