Deborah Ajayi's experience in tailoring and fashion design spans over 20 years. She can’t quite place when she learned how to sew because, according to her, she was “just always stitching."  At a young age, she would sew pretty clothes for her dolls. It has always been a huge passion of hers.

In 2009, she attended fashion school in Lagos to hone her skills. And, in 2012, she registered her company, “Wear Art.” She named it that because she wants any woman who wears her designs to feel like they are clothed in art- donning a masterpiece.

Although Debbie trains other women tailors under her, she still makes a lot of her designs herself. Even when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, she didn’t let that hold her back or stop her from continuing to sew and create her pieces of art.

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  7. Ayiewa Scarf
  8. Ago Scarf
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  12. Ileke Earrings
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