Frequently Asked Questions - Sellers

What is the difference between using and creating my own website?

When you register and sell your high quality, authentic African products on, you gain multiple advantages:

- Global exposure and market presence

- Award winning technology maintained by a our experienced IT team to support your sales efforts

- Control of your brand supported by our promotions in the US and UK

- Secure and seamless financial transactions with customers around the world

- Logistics support from DHL to quickly deliver your product to your customers’ doorsteps

- Customer service support on your company’s behalf

How much technical skill is necessary to register and sell my product on

Our goal is to make getting your business onto a global e-commerce marketplace as simple as possible. You will need internet access to type in your own company description and to upload product photographs. If you have never written the story of your business, take some time to do this. What makes your business special? Ask someone else to read your description before you post it. You’ll also want to take beautiful, clear photographs that demonstrate the quality of your product, and you’ll need to provide very accurate details that describe all of the qualities of your product.

Is assistance available when I register?

Yes, we want your business to succeed. To help, we’ve created a step-by-step manual to walk you through each step of registration and uploading an individual product. We send this to you when your registration is complete, but we can send it to you anytime you like. If you have further questions, reach out to us at

Is there a cost to register my business on

No there is no cost to register your business or to upload your products so that customers can see and buy them. Our mission is to promote African made products to as wide an audience as possible in a manner that helps grow stronger African enterprises.

Who controls the price that I will receive when my product sells?

You do. As a seller, when you add a new item to your storefront you set the price that you want to receive for the product. MarketPlace AFRICA adds a 10% commission to reach the total retail price that the customer sees.

What are the criteria to register my business on

Merchants on must meet these criteria:

  • All product on must be made in Africa

  • Product must be of consistently high quality

  • Both product and how the business operates must meet the African Made
  • Products Standards (learn about AMPS here)

  • You must agree to our Terms of Use for the website and app

  • You must be 18 years or older to register on

What is the cost of featuring my product on

There is no cost until your product sells. When your product is purchased, the customer pays for the product and for shipping. MarketPlace AFRICA collects a 10% commission based on the price you submitted for the product. You receive the price you indicated when you listed the product.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no additional fees. MarketPlace AFRICA will offer opportunities for merchants to take advantage of additional marketing and promotion events. These are always optional and you will never be charged for any promotional activity unless you elect to participate.

Is there a limit to how many products I can feature on my website?

No, there is no limit to the number of products you can feature on your store front page with as long as they meet high product quality standards.

How quickly will I get paid when a customer purchases my product?

We understand that prompt payment is crucial to the health of your business. When an item is sold, you will see the transaction date, the amount the product sold for, and the amount you will receive on your secure dashboard page. Payment will be transferred to your account in approximately 7 days after the customer receives the product.

What is your exchange and return policy?

MarketPlace AFRICA’s exchange and return policy states that if a customer receives the wrong product, or the item does not function, we accept returns up to 7 days from the date the product was delivered and will provide a replacement or a full refund of the price paid for the product. The refund comes from the merchant’s account.

Slight variations in color and pattern are characteristics of handmade production processes, and are not cause for returns or refunds.

We also inform customers that they are responsible for shipping costs to return their purchases and to ship replacement items.

We want to reach a balanced policy that gives the customer confidence that you, as the merchant, and MarketPlace AFRICA are confident in the quality of your products. It also protects you from the high cost of returns that sometime occur long after a product is delivered.

How soon after MarketPlace AFRICA receives and order do I have to ship my product?

Your customer’s expectation is to receive what they purchased as soon as possible. In order to fulfill this expectation, please deliver the purchased product to your designated DHL logistics office within 2 business days of when you receive the confirmation receipt for the order.

If you make product upon receipt of an order, please edit the shipping policy for your business to indicate how many days you will need to produce the item. Your unique shipping policy can be edited on the My Business Profile page after you log in to your Merchant account.