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Tolulope Adebukola


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The Yasuki Wrap Around flows like a Kimono and will have you steal the attention of everyone. Its contemporary, chic and sophisticated style will have all heads turn in your direction.

The rhinestone details are streaks illustrationg how animals' skin were used as clothes and tied in a unique way just like the Japanese obi ties a kimono in the ancient times.

The Blingshiki is a must-have fashion piece that was inspired from the traditional African Danshiki. By substituting the traditional embroidery detailing with crystals, the Blingshiki has become popular for its Afro-chic style.

All of the crystals used have been carefully selected and do not fall off even after laundry.

The fabrics used are either Piquee or polished cotton which are sourced from the world's best textile manufacturers.

Every piece is made uniquely for that special customer.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

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